Across a range of key issues, Jason represents an important voice for District 53. His sensible and informed positions reflect the collective will and best interest of his constituents.


Jobs: Tennesseans Growing Tennessee

Increasing your ability to spend grows our local economy and generates state tax revenues. Lowering the tax burden for each and every Tennessean is vital.  In the State House, I have made these my priorities:

– I was pleased to write, sponsor, and unanimously pass the “Made in Tennessee Act,” which will make it easier for Tennesseans to support local economic and job growth by supporting locally-owned small businesses in our state. The Made in Tennessee Act authorizes the University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services to use a logo or seal for “Made in Tennessee” products and goods, with the exception of food and agricultural products that have been processed, fabricated, manufactured or otherwise transformed in Tennessee. The bill builds on the Department of Agriculture’s successful “Pick TN Products” campaign by promoting commerce in Tennessee.

– Strengthen our economy by making sure that hard work is rewarded. Anyone that works full time should be able to pay their bills and put food on the table. I co-sponsored equal pay for equal work legislation and hosted a jobs fair in District 53 to connect area businesses with Nashvillians seeking employment.

– Support and sustain existing businesses while promoting South Nashville as a premier location for new businesses to open. I am proud that during my term hundreds of new jobs are being added to House District 53 with Aramark and Harry’s Fresh Foods opening new facilities.

– Focus on improving our infrastructure and restoring Tennessee as a place of opportunity where the rights of hard working individuals to create, maintain and compete for quality jobs are not infringed by special interests!

The tradition of Tennesseans being proud of their work at the end of the day is as strong today as it was 100 years ago. Our people and our work ethic have always made Tennessee an attractive market for job creators. I will make sure we promote the quality of our hard work and produce sustainable results that provide quality jobs.

Education: Building Tennessee’s Future

As a product of Nashville’s public schools and former teacher at Glencliff and Overton High schools, I know the schools in our community very well. Building a better future for Tennessee starts in the classroom and I will continue to fight to guarantee every child in District 53 receives an excellent education.

– Co-sponsored the “Tennessee Promise” initiative to ensure that all high school graduates have access to a free community college education, along with mentoring and tutoring services.  Additionally, I passed legislation to improve school vendor background checks to protect our children.

– Teachers are the bedrock of our education system. That is why I voted to keep our state’s promise to give hard-working teachers a 2% salary increase in order to reward their commitment to our children.

– Co-sponsored legislation to provide universal pre-kindergarten to all Tennessee children so kids can begin school with the tools they need to learn.

– I support maintaining local control of our public education system and believe Nashville’s schools can be some of the best in the nation if we believe in our teachers and students. I passed an educational accountability and transparency bill because I believe our students must graduate ready to compete in a global marketplace.

Let’s make our schools, colleges and universities the centers of our communities and institutions in which we take pride.

Safe and Livable Communities

One of the greatest assets of the 53rd District is its people. The safety and security of our personal residences and our neighborhoods are important to us. As a resident of this fine community, I will continue to fight to protect our people and our property.

– I’ve worked hard to keep the pubic safe by passing the nation’s first lead in drinking water notification bill, sponsoring a Zika virus funding appropriation and opposing the gas compressor station in Cane Ridge.

– No victim of domestic violence should ever be afraid to come forward because of fear of retribution. That is why I co-sponsored the Survivor’s Safety Bill which requires persons convicted of a second, third, or subsequent domestic assault involving bodily injury to serve the minimum sentence day for day and consecutively, in addition to serving the difference in time actually served and the maximum sentence on supervised probation. This will protect victims of domestic abuse in a way that prevents further acts of violence.

– I secured funding to widen Nolensville Pike south of Old Hickory Boulevard and sponsored legislation to reduce traffic and congestion on Nolensville Pike and bring more economic development.  Through better planning we can make sure the Nolensville Pike corridor and surrounding areas are safe, walkable, and family friendly.

– One way we create safer communities is to make schools the focal points of our neighborhoods. That is why I co-sponsored the Tennessee Community Schools Act which will strengthen our public schools by making them the center of neighborhood and community activity. This is a positive way to increase parent’s involvement in their children’s educations while also promoting public services that can strengthen families.

Fiscal Responsibility: Tennessee Prioritizing Tennesseans

As a husband and father, I can fully understand the difficulties of living within a modest budget. Much like the responsibility I have to my family to make a financial plan and limit our spending to reach our goals, it is the duty of the State Legislature to be an excellent steward of your hard-earned money:

– I voted to end the lodging per-diem for lawmakers in Middle Tennessee and have not accepted any per diem outside of Session, saving taxpayers thousands of dollars.

– Holding the Legislature accountable to Tennesseans by working to create a prudent state budget and then sticking to it!

– Co-sponsored legislation to hold businesses accountable for the promises they made when getting tax incentives and grants from the state.

– Providing tax cuts in a manner that provides relief to everyone – not just a select few – in order to grow our economy. I support significant reductions in Tennessee’s food tax.

It’s important that state legislators always understand the difficulties people in our state face in order to reduce the burden on the individual taxpayers. I am against a state income tax, and I will work diligently to identify ways to reduce the tax burdens on all Tennesseans.


I’m always looking for new ideas to improve Tennessee so share your ideas and the issues you care about to

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